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Why choose for VDL? 

Challenges and career opportunities? You’ll find them at VDL! 

Varied product and service range  

VDL’s diverse range of products and services allows you to gain ample experience. You will gain experience by working with different companies in different fields and by specialising in a specific field.

Working with state-of-the-art technology 

Robotisation and automation at the forefront. You will be working with latest-generation machines and the newest technology. Keeping up with the latest technology trends drives continuous improvement of our products and production processes. 

Maintaining skill levels

Working at VDL gives you access to various training opportunities to help you keep up your professional expertise and increase your knowledge and skill levels.

Career opportunities  

The great freedom and independence you get at VDL will empower you to develop a broader skill set and move up in your career at VDL companies in the Netherlands and across the globe. 

International work environment 

VDL Groep has multiple sites outside the Netherlands and exports roughly 80% of its products. This gives you the opportunity to build a network of contacts that spans the globe. 

No-nonsense family culture

VDL Groep is one of the Netherlands’ largest family businesses. In our open, direct, and informal work environment, you will instantly feel at home.   

Financial security

VDL offers the financial security and the strength of a large company combined with each VDL company’s unique open and informal atmosphere, freedom, and local independence.  

16,000 colleagues

Learn from your colleagues within the vast VDL network and get to know each other better at one of our engaging events, including the staff party, which is always the highlight of the year!