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Application procedure

A job at VDL in just a few steps! Keep reading to find out what these steps are.

Step 1:  Apply 

Use the application form to send us your CV and cover letter. Convince us why you are the right person for the job!

Step 2:  Application assessment 

Your application will be assessed by our recruiters. You can expect to hear back from us within two weeks!

Step 3:  Personal interview  

If your application passes step 2, the next step is for you to get to know VDL and for VDL to get to know you!

Step 4:  Second interview

If we can both look back on a positive first personal meeting, it is now time to go in-depth on the specifics of the job. During the second interview we will discuss your possibilities and what we have to offer.  

Step 5:  Contract offer 

Do you still want to go for it after the second interview, and is this feeling mutual? If so, we will make you an offer to come work at VDL. And if you accept our offer, you will officially be our new colleague!