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Resealable packages with UVA Zipsealer

VDL PMB-UVA specialises in development, production, sales and service for the tobacco and packaging industry. As Software Engineer at VDL PMB-UVA, you will work within a team of engineers developing and maintaining software for machines that we develop and produce. We make vertical form, fill and seal machines (VFFS) that produce packaging including for the foodstuffs, animal feed and washing powder sectors, as well as machines to produce and pack cigars.

The challenge for the Software Engineer is to develop fast software codes that maximise machine output. As you’ll be testing this software yourself within our factory, you’ll be able to see the results straight away. An option developed by VDL PMB-UVA on a VFFS machine is the UVA Zipsealer, which seals a zip on packaging film so that the package is resealable.

Project specifications:
PLC: Rockwell CompactLogix and Siemens Simotion D
HMI: Rockwell Panelview and Siemens TP1200 Comfort
Machine: Lima with UVA Zipsealer equipped with Rockwell or Siemens hardware
Software: Rockwell Studio 5000 and FactoryTalk or Simotion Scout in TIA Portal
PLC used programming language: Structured text

Add to the Lima:
2 servo controllers with motors
Frequency controller with motor
Extra Festo CPX terminal with IO

                    Video of a VFFS packaging machine                 View a brief impression of the organisation here 


Role of the Software Engineer at VDL PMB-UVA:
As Software Engineer, you will work closely with your engineering department colleagues. You will also act as contact person for the sales department on the technical feasibility of current and future projects and will maintain close contact with service engineers and assembly department colleagues. 

You will have technical responsibility for creating the HMI and PLC software. Sometimes, a new option cannot be tested entirely in the factory in Eindhoven and the produced software will need to be tested properly at a customer’s on-site production environment somewhere in the world.

You will be the contact point for industrial automation, as well as being involved in selecting the right hardware. For instance, selecting the right drives and motors for the UVA Zipsealer. After that, you’ll produce a software description in consultation with the mechanical engineer. During the software design phase there will be a considerable focus on functional and modular thinking. The software test phase follows the machine construction phase, during which servos need to be tuned and the rest of the software tested. In this phase of the project you will be closely involved in testing the UVA Zipsealer as well as the rest of the VFFS machine, together with a final assembler and the rest of the development team.