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Petar Shiskov

Petar Shishkov


" Together we’re taking technology to the next level "

Petar Shishkov - VDL ETG T&D

Moving from Bulgaria to Spain to Eindhoven, it’s sounds really cool! For Petar Shiskov (28) it’s great, really worth it and challenging. He’s working as a mechanical engineer at VDL ETG T&D Eindhoven and is really happy at VDL. Petar: “I’m still developing my skills to become a lead engineer. The personal development here is amazing. The people are always willing to help and value your expertise. Together we’re taking technology to the next level.”

What do you do at VDL ETG T&D? 
Petar: “As a mechanical engineer I support a team of engineers alongside a project manager, through the development of tools for the high-tech industry. These tools are being used in production for assembly of high-precision machines. I focus on two different things. Module ownership and technical leadership. My main responsibilities are: work closely with each individual engineer during and after concept phase, advise on the way of working, tolerances, mechanical solutions, internal contacts and documentation review. The great thing is that you have a lot of different responsibilities. You need to talk to different people, because there are a lot of in-house experts here that can really help you make your ideas better.”

What makes your job fun?
“Technology is so much fun here at VDL ETG. You can really go and play with what you designed. It doesn’t end at your computer screen. You can also go into the factory and the cleanrooms, talk to the people there. You are responsible for taking the right actions, that gives you a lot of freedom. I really like that! At VDL ETG we’re also working on the cutting edge of technology. We’re achieving great things here. There are many expats working here, so it’s really easy to make friends. It’s a pleasant environment. Supporting a team, making a team. That’s what makes it dynamic.”