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Marouschka Majoor

Marouschka Majoor


" You are developing something new and that is just so cool! "

Marouschka Majoor - VDL ETG T&D

After earning a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, Marouschka (29) went out to look for a challenge that was aligned with her studies. A job at VDL ETG T&D was a great opportunity for her to further develop herself. We asked her how she likes it at VDL.  

How did you end up at VDL?
“Actually, I was already introduced to VDL when I was doing my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, because we visited VDL Bus & Coach. Later, while doing my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, I met some people from VDL ETG at the university’s recruitment fair. The work and the technology instantly appealed to me.” 

What does your current job entail?
“I started out at the Technology and Development department as a mechatronics system engineer for the atmospheric wafer handler. Initially, you are assigned small responsibilities that let you get to know the system. For example, I started out by solving robot issues in the current system. With time, I grew in my job and was assigned responsibility for more complex issues and a small team of engineers.

Since early last year, the primary project I am working on is the redesign of a module in the new generation of vacuum wafer handlers. I am responsible for the technical aspects of the development of this module: drawing up the specifications, making design choices based on modelling and analyses, and ultimately integration and validation of prototypes. For both the concepts and the detailed design, I work closely together with many different engineers from across VDL, each with their own specific expertise. Aside from that, I report the design status to the client and liaise with technical suppliers as and when necessary.

I work for ASML a lot, but also work on other competency projects at VDL. One example is the development of a software and hardware platform that will be used to operate systems for other customers. It is extremely challenging to build this from scratch. You are developing something new and that is just so cool! At ASML, you mainly work on the redesign of existing systems, where the great thing is that you learn a lot from that. After all, it takes quite some time to really understand every detail of the system.”

What makes your current job so much fun?

“I just think it’s great that you can both work on many different things and really go deep into one specific thing. There are many different disciplines at VDL. Besides that, I enjoy operating the hardware, not being sat behind a computer screen all the time, but also being out in the factory and/or cleanroom a lot. All of this makes the job very varied and challenging. There are also many different career opportunities at VDL. I don’t think I could have developed as quickly anywhere else as I have here. When I started, the department was a lot smaller, and it has been fun to experience the development and growth from so up close.”

What do you consider important in your job?
“What’s very important to me is to be challenged in my job and to have variety. Working on one small component for a long time is just not for me. And a great team to work with is also important to me, because you always have to do it together in the end. It is also important to keep pursuing personal development and to grow in the company.”

hat are important traits to have in your job?
"It is important to be a team player, as you have to liaise a lot with the system architect and your fellow engineers. What’s also important is that you are able to translate technical details to material that customers can understand. On top of that, things change very rapidly, making it important to maintain a helicopter view, be flexible, and be able to revise priorities when necessary. It is also important that you have a broad interest in different fields, that you go beyond the project brief, and keep asking questions. Daring to take on a challenge is also important, daring to present and get things done. Practice makes perfect.”