Lees hier hoe wij omgaan met solliciteren tijdens de coronacrisis

Over VDL AEC Maritime

Do you want to contribute to making systems that help reduce harmful emissions from ships? If so, VDL AEC Maritime is the right place for you! VDL AEC Maritime in Eindhoven supplies scrubbers for ships that meet the latest international requirements in the field of harmful emissions. The technology involves using seawater to store and clean environmentally harmful particles on the ship. The scrubber is placed in the chimney of a ship. The flue gas from the engine enters the scrubber at the bottom and eventually leaves the scrubber at the top as clean, white smoke. Water droplets in the scrubber absorb sulphur, soot, ash and oil particles, after which the polluted water is cleaned in the system on the ship. Customers can contact VDL AEC Maritime for the entire process of sales, engineering, production and installation of the scrubbers. Which means an attractive workplace with many challenges for you!